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Get ready for a brand new release from UK man Xander Milne. Making his way onto the music scene with some bassy tracks, ‘Like You Do’ definitely takes you back to those late groovy nights on the dance floor that just never seem to end. You know… Those ones where you finally walk outside to daylight and wonder where the night went? By the way it’s a free download… woo!


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Disco legend and Hamburg export Tensnake has done the cover mix for the February edition of Mixmag.  The mix bounces around from some classic disco to deep house to some stellar big house tracks. His debut album ‘Glow’ is out March 7th and is definitely something we are all excited for. You can even pre-order a signed copy here.


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New Waze & Odyssey gets us all very excited. ‘Real Good Like’ is an energetic house track with a cheesy bass driving it through. The release is due out the 10th of February digitally and the 24th for you wax lovers. Out on their own imprint W&O Street tracks.

Crazy good stuff considering they’ve only been around since the end of 2011.


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LA female vocalist Banks teams up with renowned producer Shlohmo on this sensual and powerful track Brain. With beautifully emotional vocals from Banks and intense, steady beats from Shlohmo, they each compliment the other perfectly. The single is out now via iTunes.


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Taken from Karma Kid’s Like I’m On Fire EP, Bristol duo Behling & Simpson’s provide a stellar chilled-out house adaptation. The EP drops on the 10th February on Roche Music, be sure to check it out!


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Washington, D.C. native  Jacques Renault is a house & disco DJ/producer, with a slightly different background to the usual; a classical Violist back in the day, playing in punk bands. Nice!

Now based in NYC, Jacques Renault’s has been putting out a host of top notch remixes, edits and original tracks. For all you disco heads out there, you’ll surely remember his Midnight Magic “Beam Me Up” remix back in 2011.

When he isn’t globetrotting, Jacques works with long term friend Nik Mercer at the Let’s Play House label and club nights, putting on parties in various venues and releasing house and disco tracks from the likes of Dead Rose Music Company, Waze & Odyssey and local Aussie boys Mic Newman & Francis Inferno Orchestra. Jacques has also launched his own label, On The Prowl, which has featured original material and remix work from Azari & III, Tensnake, Coyote, and sloughs of various disco staples.

He’s now in Australia for a whirlwind tour and took a few moments to speak to us here at Givafizz.

Hi Jacques, thanks for taking the time to talk to us here at Givafizz and welcome to Australia! How are you doing today?

Thanks. It’s a pleasure to be here! I’ve been catching up on some work and sleep after the shows in Sydney, Adelaide & Brisbane over the weekend. I traveled from the mountains of Austria on holiday so the time change was still a bit of an adjustment.

Am I correct in saying this isn’t your first time touring in Australia? What do you like about playing here (apart from the weather!)? Anything different from other parts of the world? 

Yes, I’ve been here a few times now and it’s always a pleasure to come back. I feel like I’ve made a bunch of friends over the years and these positive vibes are always here, I love it.

You’ve spent a lot of time in cities like Chicago & New York, which are steeped in house music history. Have these cities or people had any impact on your productions today? Tell us a bit about your musical journey over the last few years? 

I would definitely say so – coming from Washington, DC and going to Chicago wasn’t night and day but I was definitely exposed to a different side of music. I was surrounded by all the different producers and DJs while I was working at Gramaphone, which sort of helped narrow my focus of what I wanted to do when I relocated to NYC.

You’ve been playing & putting out records with Nik Mercer’s Let’s Play House label for a while now. How did this relationship come about? 

Nik and I became good friends when he first moved to NY and hung out a lot and bonded over music. We quickly decided to collaborate together on events  which then led to the development of the label.

Tell us a little bit about the making of your upcoming release, “The Fake Out”? Any influences or style that went into this? As your first release in 2014, does this set the tone for the type of music you want to be putting out this year? 

The new single is from a few sketches I worked on over the past few months. It was something that stood out in my sets and we felt that this would be a good single to start with. There are other things in the works that are a bit different!

What can people expect from a Jacques Renault set? Out of interest, how much preparation do you put into your sets – are you are a believer in free-styling it or are your sets well planned?

I always pick out tunes every week to switch things up and like to gauge how the crowd reacts to the tunes. I like to keep it loose and be open for the night!

What 5 tracks are doing it for you right now (you can’t say your own!!)?

Al Kent “Yes I Do”
FIO “Take No Time”
Debukas “Minus 24″ (DJ Nature remix)
Rat Life “Disco Train” (Dunkeltier Edit)
Avalon Emerson “Quoi!” (Tuff City Kids Clean Shave Mix)

Finally, we’ll buy you a drink when you’re in Melbourne, what’s your tipple?!

Let’s have a whiskey and soda ;)

Nice!!! Jacques is playing along side local Melbourne lads Otologic and Fantastic Man/Mic Newman tonight (Fri 31st Jan). So join us down at The Mercat tonight for a boogie. Details here and give this mix a spin to get you in that Friday feeling!


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He’s back! Francis Inferno Orchestra is back in Melbourne town after his jolly around Europe. And with his arrival he brings a brand new EP, entitled “Hezbolla” on Let’s Play House, which is fast becoming one of our favourite labels.

The EP is a three track release with “Vibrations” being the stand out for us – old school, disco-tinged house. We’ve been playing it on repeat all weekend. It’s out now, grab your vinyl here.

YouTube Preview Image


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Over the weekend Todd Terje put up this remix of Shit Robot’s “Simple Things”. A bit of house, a bit of disco, a bit of acid – all mixed together in a Todd the God style. Oh yeeeaaah!

As you may already know, he will release his debut album, It’s Album Time, on April 7th. The LP will see release on Terje’s own label, Olsen Records. It features four of the Norwegian’s recent hits—”Inspector Norse,” “Strandbar” and “Swing Star” parts 1 and 2 —in addition to eight unreleased cuts. 2014 is going to be another big year for him and we can’t wait.

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