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A brand new remix for Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs’ latest single, ‘Stronger’. The original version is definitely one of our favourite tracks on his forthcoming debut album, ‘Trouble’Miguel Campbell creates a nice boogie alternative that is out on June 18th.


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Debonair, the great producer and creator of wonderful edits, tracks & mixes, returns to present his fourth installment of “Voyager”. These mixes always unearth some hidden gems and deliver slow, deep and Balearic sides of disco and house. Unfortunately his upcoming EP “Rhodes To Nowhere” isn’t quite ready to be dropped in this mix, but he says it’s shaping out nicely and will be out in the coming months. For now, enjoy this super mix.

1. The Noodleman – Sloppy Angel
2. Klic/Lokiboi – Soul Twist
3. ONRA – L.O.V.E
4. Trujillo – You Keep Me (Cosmic Kids Remix)
5. New Look – Teen Need (Hunter Game Re-Edit)
6. Small Pyramids – The Music
7. Daniel Solar & Andi De Luxe – Seventh
8. Behling & Simpson Ft. Jamie Fox – Work That Body
9. Fantastic Man – It’s Essential
10. Air – Modular Mix (Stein House Remix)
11. Kasper Bjoerke – Heaven (Muzzle Flash Remix)
12. Atmosfear – Dancing in Outer Space (The Revenge Rework 1)
13. Simian Mobile Disco – Your Love Ain’t Fair
14. Huxley – Atonement
15. Disclosure – What’s In Your Head?
16. Van She – Ghost Gurl


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With only days away from my debut at Ministry of Sound, I managed to get my grubby little hands on this great interview with Catz ‘n Dogz who will also be playing at Ministry this Saturday. Super excited to seem them live, as I haven’t seen them before and a big fan!

Their real names may be Grzegorz and Wojciech, but there have been plenty of others along the way: early DJ sets as Deeop and Ketiov, champions of the underground as 3 Channels, or simply ‘Greg and Voitek’ to their nearest and dearest. But no doubt, you’ll know them best as Catz ‘n Dogz.

The duo’s refreshing take on dancefloor music has propelled them into the limelight like never before. Perhaps it was getting the remix treatment from the likes of Carl Craig. Or the A&R home runs they scored with Pets Recordings, debuting Eats Everything’s smash “Entrance Song” and curating remixes from Maceo Plex, Axel Boman and KiNK. Or maybe it was their first appearance in Resident Advisor’s hallowed Top 100 DJ Poll. In any and all cases, the truth is clear: Catz N’ Dogz are well n’ truly at the top of their game.

We know that your own productions range from blissed out house to booty bass. But how would YOU describe your sound and do you feel that you always get to represent it fully in your DJ sets?

From the very beginning when we first started out as dj’s, we discussed what kind of dj’s we looking to be and we both agreed that we wanted to be able to play any type of music that we liked. This is actually why we changed the name from 3 Channels to Catz ‘n Dogz. Everybody looked at 3 Channels as a ‘Minimal’ project, and so when we started Catz ‘n Dogz we were always trying to make sure that people didn’t think of us as just one style or sound. We think that this always allows us to surprise people and gives us the freedom to play new stuff that we are discovering. We literally listen to every possible kind of music.. ok, so maybe not Balkan LOL.

Many DJ partnerships have now taken to playing gigs independent of each other, yet still under the artist name. We’ve never seen you guys do this. Is it important to you that you always play together?

Yes we are always looking to play as a duo. Especially as our name is Catz ‘n Dogz. We would have to play under name The Cat or The Dog LOL :). We don’t think it would be fair for the fans if one of us were to show up alone. Of course there are situations when one of us is sick, but this is very rare.

Your Pets Recordings label is on fire right now and you have a strong core of artists and friends involved. Was this always your plan, to create a tight Pets family?

We are trying to keep a very friendly atmosphere in our label, thats true. Almost 90% of music we release is from our friends or friends of friends. In this way we are always sure that as well as the music, we also like the people that are behind it. Now we feel that the natural way to progress is to start throwing Pets parties. We get more and more requests about them and we’re gonna look to start on that arm of the label soon. Over the next year we are working on the identity and context. For us context is always really important, because these days everybody is doing label parties and we wanna do something special. We have already residency at Watergate in Berlin for our label nights so it allows us to invite artists and also back home in Poland we are working on a lot of stuff.

Last summer saw the release of “Entrance Song” by Eats Everything. An ep that went on to soundtrack, not just the rest of the summer, but the whole year, catapulting him into the spotlight. Did the success of that release surprise you guys?

We were really happy that people liked the track so much and so many dj’s were playing it. It showed us that even being a small label without a team of 10 employees, you can still release successful quality music. Another great thing about it is that Dan (Eats Everything) worked so hard for so many years and this really put him into the spotlight. The record was kinda crossed genre too, and this is another reason why it was so successful.

YouTube Preview Image

Do you both take the responsibility of A&R’ing of the label and are you constantly hunting out new signings or do you find that they are now coming to you?

It’s a very complex subject, on one hand we are just signing people we know but as dj’s we are constantly looking for new music. But we have also been chatting with some artists over Skype and email. KiNK is a great example. At the beginning we were just talking about music and exchanging ideas and then he did remix for one of our releases and now we are working together on a track. So yes, we are both doing the A&R. If it was only one of us, it would all look and sound completely different LOL.

Anything exciting from Catz n Dogz and Pets Recordings that we should be keeping an ear out for over the summer…?

The new Eats Everything “Jagged Elbow” ep was released this week :) And for summer we’ve prepared some exciting new and quite different material. We have some very nice new music from Chmara Winter with remixes and then a big Audio/visual project that we are still working on, and after the summer we have a release from A1Bassline. We don’t want to get stuck in the monthly release cycle. There is so much music coming out right now that we really believe that keeping the quality is the most important thing. Otherwise people would get bored or lose interest… we have some REALLY interesting music in the pipeline!

Give us a random fact about each other….?

Greg: I didn’t try a McDonald’s until I was 22!!
Voitek: Once when I was DJ’ing, somebody told me “I hate your face.” :)

See you Saturday at Ministry of Sound ;-)


If you’d like to catch Catz n Dogz, James Zabiela, Stacey Pullen (and of course myself!) at Ministry this Saturday 9th June, I have a punch of presale tickets at £10 (it’s £18 if you buy directly from MOS). Drop me an email - givafizz@gmail.com - and ill hook you up!


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As some of you know, I’m part of the Disposable Thumbs collective, a group of DJs playing at various clubs & events all over London. The night has been going from strength to strength and now we are proud to present our Ministry of Sound debut on Saturday 9th June as part of Ministry’s Saturday Sessions “We Love…”. Headlining the night will be James Zabiela, Stacey Pullen & one of my favourite producers Catz n Dogz. Exciting! We’ll be playing in The Loft – the newest room at Ministry, showcasing upcoming record labels and DJs. Just like us!

Whilst I love all things disco, I don’t think I will get away with playing that sort of thing at Ministry! So as a warm up, I’ve made a slightly different mix which has a more house / tech house vibe – including tracks from the likes of Round Table Knights, Zombie Disco Squad, Andre Crom and more.  

If you are based in London, it would be super to see any of down at Ministry this Saturday. As this is our debut, Ministry of Sound have given me a punch of presale tickets at £10 (it’s £18 if you buy directly from MOS). So if you fancy coming down on Saturday 9th June, then drop me an email - givafizz@gmail.com - and ill hook you up! 



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Little Boots, big headphones! Yet another uber disco (tad camp) number from Little Boots called ‘Headphones’, produced by New York-based super duo The Knocks. The single is out now with some fine remixes, one of which comes from Dimitri From Paris, who I saw live in London on Sunday. He has produced a lovely little 80′s dub version and is treating us to a free download. Nice!


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It’s been a big weekend of disco. We kicked it off with a Future Disco boat party with Greg Wilson on Friday and then yesterday some Dimitri from Paris action on a rooftop terrace. So at this stage you’d think I would have enough of disco, but nope, back on the disco train and here is a super smooth & groove mix full of edits from the Get Down Edits crew. Nice!


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Another mellow track of the day. I’d like to say my hangover is getting better, but it really isn’t! Anyway, to the music… this next track is from a band called The Slow Waves. Their sound is an ever evolving, synth-laden voyage and the ‘Undertow’ track is a sublime, stirring piece of mood music. It comes with a great little cinematic style video. Nice!


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Going through my swamped inbox today and came across this little beauty. Exactly what I’ve been looking for on this hangover! Kelly Pavan, a young gifted French producer drops 3-track debut EP which marries down-tempo electro and hymnal vocals. My favourite track is ‘Are You There (No I’m Not)’ which also comes with a remix from Two-piece live act ‘Of Norway’. This will touch all your senses and shoot through your fingers like magic!

It’s been released on new Irish label DhARMA and you can check out the full release here.

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