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This is one of my favourite releases at the moment. It captures the strand of laid-back, atmospheric deep house I’ve been rinsin’.

It comes from Germany producer, Luvless on Tsuba – which is fast becoming an unstoppable force in house music. The 3 track, vinyl only release leads out with “Luv Maschine”. Goosebumps, that’s all I’m going to say! “Down With You Baby” is the one I keep going back to –  solid bassline, full of atmosphere and soft vocals.

It’s out now kids, grab your copy here.


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We’ve teamed up with our blogging buddies adamNOTeve to bring you 10 artists we think you should check out in 2014 (if you haven’t already!). We’re from Europe; they’re from Australia, so we thought we’d bring together the best of both worlds. Givafizz vs. adamNOTeve. Europe vs. Australia. Northern vs. Southern hemisphere… you get the idea! Check out the adamNOTeve blog right here. It’s awesome!

Givafizz’s Top 5 Artists (European selection) 

1. Bicep

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Bicep are two dudes from our hometown, Belfast in Ireland. They are behind the top notch Feel My Bicep blog that has a reputation for blogging only the finest quality electronic music.

As well as the blog, they produce music; everything from house, disco, funk & techno. Over the last year, the duo have gone from strength to strength. They’ve started their own label, had a huge hit with “Vision of Love”, collaborated with Simian Mobile Disco and toured all over the world (including Australia over New Year). Lots more music, collaborations & blogging to come from these boys, so get involved!


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HNNY debuted in 2011 on Studio Barnhus and has quickly caught the attention of Local Talk and Let’s Play House labels who hosted his following releases. Along with his outputs on these labels, he has single-handedly revived more than a dozen 90′s pop idols through his outstanding one-of-a-kind edits. His original and unique style is gaining massive traction and we think he is going to have a big 2014. Let’s hope he decides to come to Australia sometime soon!

3. Todd Terje

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Norwegian Disco legend, Todd Terje or as we like to call him, Todd the God is one man that is sure to have a big 2014. His debut album, It’s Album Time, is due out on April 7th and will feature four of his recent huge hits – “Inspector Norse,” “Strandbar” and “Swing Star” parts 1 and 2 – in addition to eight unreleased cuts. Although the album will contain the producer’s signature blend of humour and colourful disco-indebted tunes, it’s been tailored for listening at home. Watch this space!

4. Medlar

Medlar-Press-Photo 2

Over the last few years Medlar, aka South Londoner Ned Pegler, has honed a reputation for creating a distinctly warm, funk infused strain of house music. Amidst a scene, which is becoming increasingly swamped by endless new producers, it’s rare to find a name who stands out so far from the crowd. Medlar is also part of the Wolf Music pack, which is a label you guys should definitely keep an eye on too. Artists include KRL, Greymatter & James Welsh, who are all nailing it right now.

5. Waze & Odyssey

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Bonding over a bloody burger at the end of 2011, Waze & Odyssey have, in just over 2 years, gone from little more than an anonymous soundcloud account to be one of the most exciting, and talked about acts around. Along the way Waze & Odyssey have released several critically acclaimed singles for the likes of Wolf Music, Disco Bloodbath and Throne of Blood, remixed acts such as Disclosure and T.E.E.D. and DJ’ed all around the world. If you haven’t come across these guys yet, it’s time for you to get involved. Enjoy!

adamNOTeve Top 5 Artists (Australian selection)

1. Movement 

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Movement represent a new era for their record label, Modular People a tastemaker of the early 2000′s which has until recently fallen out of the spotlight. Despite having only released three tracks, Movement are going stratospheric with their soulful vocals and heavy use of steel-drums reminiscent of Jamie xx. So far it’s been a sure-fire way to success so check them out.

2. Yujen 

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If  you were told about a label that Chet Faker started called Detail Co. and said label then shared a track, would you be interested? Is that a yes? Well, the track is called Try It Over featuring guest vocals from Chet Faker himself. Just listen and bathe in it’s beauty.

3. Bon Chat, Bon Rat

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Bon Chat, Bon Rat are an innovative powerhouse in their own right. A very loose translation of their name from French comes out as, ‘Good Cat, Good Rat’ which really tells you nothing about the duo but listen below and perhaps you will come away with some more knowledge…

4. Rat & Co. 

Rat_Co_01 2

If you were to name some of the premier electronic groups in Melbourne, alongside Yujen, you would include Rat & Co. They share the world their unique ambient electronica, of which is encased in their debut album, One, Uno, Ein (I have not included the characters that are in the title of the album) and you can also download the whole thing for free. Download it, listen to it and appreciate the work these young men have done because you will not find something else like this in Australia.

5. Rainbow Chan

rainbow_chan_fools_gold_screenshot 2

To round off we have Rainbow Chan, she slips into a slightly different category compared to the rest of the acts listed above. Obviously one, she is a woman, she also produces her work and her works contains a certain vibrancy that the rest of the works do not share. She is causing a stir in Sydney, so check her out.


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Futureboogie’s next release is a 4 track downtempo, chilled house number. It comes from Admin, which to be honest, we know very little about. He/she/they are from Bristol and we can’t seem to find much else online!

I’m sure all will be revealed in time, but it doesn’t matter really, because the music talks for itself. The two A side tracks are sizzling summer drifters. The tracks on the flip bring in a solid house bassline and some soulful vocal samples to add some pace to the release. Top notch once again coming from the Futureboogie camp. Digital release coming soon.


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Frames teams up with fellow Sydney-sider Nick Forrest on their double A-side of downtempo house music.

I love the sampled keys in “Dont Mind”, this coupled with an acid line which kicks in during the second half, makes this one hell of an opener! “Losing You” then picks up the pace, delivering a soulful vocal.Both quality tunes!

They are out now, but “Don’t Mind” is available for free download here. Get involved.


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Squarehead is a son of the steel city a.k.a Sheffield. There’s been a real scene bubbling there for quite some time and if you’ve had chance to attend any house nights you will have almost certainly seen this guy playing or vibin’ in the crowd.

Squarehead has built up a strong following through his releases on Wolf Music and a bundle of remixes on the likes of Waze & Odyssey’s Street Tracks & many other great labels. He now joins Let’s Play House for a 4 track release entitled “Dead Reyt”.

On the A side, we’ve got two proper groovers. Powerful bass elements, classic percussion and vocal samples, make these lead tracks great peak time movers. On the flip, we see him take things down a notch. Check out those bright steel drums on the final track “Someday” – summer groovers right there! It’s out now, go grab your copy.


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Rhythm Operator is back with a new release on Vicario Musique. The LA producer has had a string of successful releases on labels such as Let’s Play House, Dirt Crew, and Needwant to name a few.

This EP entitled, No More Games leads out with the original, which flows with organ good vibes and ideal for peak time. 3 remixes follow from heavy weights, Urulu, Sebastien Vorhaus & 4004 and a dub version from Casual Encounters. Nice!

Overall, a super release with a variation of tracks to choose from, whatever hour of the day or night! It’s out now and you can grab your copy here.


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Sydney-based producer and Future Classic affiliate Touch Sensitive, aka Van She’s bassist/keyboardist Michael Di Francesco, the man behind the massive “Pizza Guy” single, returns with a lovely freebie for us called “Slowments”.

This is a delicious slow jam which has all Touch Sensitise’s style all over it. He also uses a sample of Art of Noise’s classic track “Moments In Love” for added magic. You can grab it free, below.

He will be working his moves around Australia and America over the next couple of months, as well as the Boiler Room in Melbourne next Friday – if you want to catch the live stream.


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WOLFEP023._6sLD3z_ 2

The Casino Times boys begin the new year with a full EP on Wolf Music. The London based duo have been going from strength to strength recently with the release of their first Casino edits as well as the big “I Wanna Know” EP on Need Want last year.

The four-track Wolf 23 EP leads out with a absolute monster of a tune entitled “Principles”. Simply massive! This leads into a rich sounding and piano sprinkled “AWD”, which sees the guys apply more restraint with great effect. Things become all the more low slung on the flip side with “High Hopes” and new-comer Damiano von Erckert steps in for remix duty.

Big ups to Casino Times & Wolf Music once again. Top quality stuff right here. Grab your copy on vinyl & digital.

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