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I came across this awesome little label, Lany Recordings last week. It’s the brainchild of leading Belgian DJ & producer Maxim Lany, who is also behind their latest release.

The spirit of anything Lany has always been to have a good time with friends and share that with as many people as possible. That’s why on Lany Recordings you will only find friends of Maxim, keeping this small and sharing the same passion and love for quality house music. Give these three quality cuts a spin for yourself.

They have also started a new podcast, which is a blend of new and upcoming productions, rare vinyls and classics. Check it out here - I’ve had it on repeat!


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We’re in need of a hangover cure at Givafizz HQ today and this lovely little number is doing just the trick. It’s Isaac Tichauer‘s first single of 2014, entitled “Changes”. Very smooth. All Tichauer and French Express fans will enjoy for sure. Drops 15th April.


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Floating Points has unveiled ‘King Bromeliad’ from a forthcoming 12″ on Eglo Records. The eight-minute track takes you on a warm and vibrant journey. Check it out below. ‘King Bromeliad’ will be joined by ‘Montparnasse’ the release which is due out soon.

It’s his first release since ‘Wires’, but he’s been keeping busy with some mammoth mix sessions lately – check out his five-hour soul mix with NY DJ Love On The Run. It’s awesome!


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Local Talk welcomes Outboxx to their label family. We came across these Bristol boys about a year ago, through their release on Futureboogie and have been addicted to their productions & sets every since. As well as digging deep and delivering warm and uplifting DJ sets and productions, they have a live show alongside vocalist Naomi Jeremy. Nice!

Continuing to gain momentum in 2014, here is their first release on Local Talk. A 3 track EP entitled “Planet Love”. Sticking close to what they do best, this is EP is filled with house music infused with deep and warm vibes. Exactly how we like it! Give it a spin & you can get your copy from 4th April.


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Bonar Bradberry and Tom Thorpe make up the boogie boat that is PBR Streetgang. PBR counts fans among luminaries such as Lindstrom and Greg Wilson to Clive Henry and Pete Tong. Their unique musical approach threads garage, disco to deep groovy house and tracky beats.

Building on from critically acclaimed releases on labels such as 2020 Vision, Future Boogie, Hot Creations, Hypercolour and Southern Fried Records, PBR have come to Throne of Blood with three unqiue house jams and a remix from Iron Galaxy. Top notch from start to finish – wrap your ears around these.


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Following on from his debut album last year, Sleep. Medlar follows up with extended 12″ versions of Tides, the stand out track from the album and Tap Spring.

Boston producer, Kon is on remix duty who turns out a straight up house version of Tides. While Wolf Music resident Greymatter takes on album track Listen, turning the jazz shuffling house track into a rumbling big room rework. As regular Givafizz readers will know, we are big fans of Medlar & Wolf Music – so this release is going straight in the bag! Get involved. Out on vinyl now.


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Hotfizz kiwi final-01

For our next instalment of Hot Fizz – the series in which we showcase the hottest rising talent – is South London DJ & producer Alex Warren, aka Kiwi.

Kiwi has been attracting a lot of attention over the last year with his extended, experimental DJ sets and a number of releases on the likes of Needwant, Days Of Being Wild, Kitsuné & Sneaky. Among supporters of Kiwi’s work are Andrew Weatherall, DJ Harvey, Daniel Avery, Erol Alkan & Duke Dumont – an impressive line up of support!

Kiwi’s penchant for sensual, deep grooves, unadulterated funk, chugging floor-friendly techno and acid house, make him one of our hot favourites right now. See what he had to say when we caught up with him last week.

Hi Alex, thanks for taking the time to talk to us here at Givafizz. How are you doing today and where are you talking to us from?

Hi, thanks for having me, I’m just at home recovering from a pretty hectic weekend :-)

Tell us a bit about your musical background? What did you listen to growing up? What has influenced you along the way?

I went through all sorts of fazes, Punk, Metal, it wasn’t until I was about 17 that I started listening to dance music. I remember listening to Destroy Rock n Roll and Etienne De Crecys Super Discount 2 album. They were catalysts for my love of dance music.

You seem to have a varied output, in terms of your mixes & productions. From disco through to techno and anywhere in-between! Could you attempt to describe your sound or styles?

So difficult, and a question that often pops up. I don’t actually think there is a word to describe all the stuff I’m making. I guess just electronica, keeps it quite borad. But it’s music to dance too.

You’ve had a number of releases & remixes now on the likes of Needwant, Days Of Being Wild, Kitsuné & Sneaky. Is there any of your tracks or releases that stand out for you? Any you are most proud of?

I really love Llama (my first EP on Deep Shit), I still play that one and it still gets a great reaction.

With so many new & upcoming producers – some hot, some not so hot! How do you think you stand out from the crowd? How have you gone about getting noticed?

I just try to make music that people will notice and fall for. I think if you just make great music, and put it in the hands of the right people. The rest will follow. I also put a lot of focus into my DJ sets – I’m a DJ first and foremost, I think I’m quite a brave DJ, and that can sometimes set me apart from the crowd, for better or worse.

I’ve seen you play a few sets at The Nest in London. You tend to go for extended, 3 / 4 hour sets. Is this a preference? Tell us what we can expect from a Kiwi set?

Expect the unexpected, I like to surprise, I like to experiment, and yeh Iike to play for as long as possible. I have so much music, and such a broad range I struggle to feel satisfied when I just play for an hour or 2.

What’s your view on the current state of London clubbing?

Its fantastic, its very broad, and places saturated but theres a fantastic energy in the city, and I think more a more people are going out enjoying themselves and that’s great.

What does the future hold for Kiwi? Plans for 2014 & beyond?

You can look out for a big announcement next week, until then I cant say too much. But its incredibly exciting.  In terms of long term future, I hope to be able to continue doing what im doing and playing in fantastic locations and crowds.

What 5 tracks are doing it for you right now (you can’t say your own!!)?

Ghost Culture – Half Open
FXMCHN – Jackie
The Slightest Touch – Five Star
Drone Logic (Factory Floor Gabe Gurnsey Remix) – Daniel Avery
No 17 Governing – Terron

Finally, you’ve got the chance to curate your dream line up in a club. You can book anyone to play alive or dead – who would you pick?

Larry Levan b2b DJ Harvey all night long.

Big uppps. Thanks for your time man. 


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Detroit Swindle are dropping their debut full-length album, Boxed Out at the end of this month. We got a promo copy from the Dirt Crew yesterday and it’s pretty bloody brilliant! Also known as Lars Dales & Maarten Smeets, regular readers of Givafizz will know we are big fans. The Amsterdam-born pairing have caused quite a stir in the world of house since debuting on Dirt Crew Recordings back in 2012.

The album which serves up 13 original cuts has everything you would expect from the Swindles, some slow burners with a hint of disco, some deep house, some banging club monsters and hey, even some leftfield hip hop jams! The album opens with “B.Y.O.”, a track that balances nicely between the DS shuffle and an old school New York style block party. The track is a taste of things to come for the rest of the album, hinting towards a big party vibe, but mellow enough to make it a really interesting listen.

For Boxed Out, the boys came up with some perfect partnerships. Featuring vocal performances from one of America’s finest soul singers: Mayer Hawthorne and Ghanese-Canadian soul singer Sandra Amarie.

So there’s soulful vocals, some slow houser burners and some hip hop, but it just wouldn’t be a Detroit Swindle album without a few bangers on it. “Huh, What!”, “Shotgun”, “The Fat Rat” and “He’s Just This Guy, You Know?” are all relentless dance floor monsters, pushing the tempo to match old school Chicago and New York house cuts from the late 80′s and early 90′s.

Overall, Boxed Out is a solid album with enough variation to keep you interested throughout. Well done lads, well done! You can listen to the first track on the LP below or check out previews on iTunes here.

YouTube Preview Image

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