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Some slow soul & boogie reworks for you this mid-week. Japanese pianist and electronic music producer Kan Sano reworks the American soul, funk and jazz legend’s infamous hit “Everybody Loves The Sunshine”. On the flip, “Music Overflow”, sounds exactly like a production you would make after being inspired by sunshine, soul, Roy Ayers. Cool as ice!

The package is supported by an impressive line up of remixers – Late Nite Tuff Guy, Luvless, Grey Area & Leftside Wobble – all adding there own unique spin.

Everybody Loves The Sunshine. Bring on the summer down under!


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Hey disco babes. Welcome to our new Disco Discovery feature. We’ll be rummaging around in our old vinyl boxes, keeping our ears open at gigs and just generally unearthing some quality disco tunes from yesteryear. Boogie time baby!

Being treated to previously unheard label releases is an obvious perk of attending nights run by the Jamie Jones’ of this world, however the discovery of a 1979 dancefloor bomb when Berlin legend and panoroma bar resident Prosumer recently gave an education to a small club in Bristol was somewhat more unexpected. Even more remarkable? His record box had been lost en route and the whole set was improvised using the borrowed record collections of the locals. Perfect way to kick start this feature ;-)

This 1979 classic features an outstanding vocal, groovy baseline and will be sure to unite the dance floor. Available on vinyl through Discogs.

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Sampology‘s legendary AVDJ shows have earned him an undeniable reputation as Australia’s leading Audio Visual DJ. These performances have earned him praise from the likes of The New York Times and The Independent while his creatively effervescent, almost rugged technique and cheeky, irreverent sense of humour have caught the attention of artists like Peaches, Sinden and AC Slater. With influences ranging from the Beastie Boys to Bruce Willis, Sampology AV shows, DJ sets, mixes and original productions are unexpected and always ready to entertain. As he kicks off his new Australian AV tour ‘Stimulation’, we catch up with the master of sampling to find out what makes him tick.

Hey, thanks for taking the time to talk to us here at Givafizz. How are you doing today and where are you talking to us from?

No problem! From my home studio in Brisbane, today I’m working on new music cutting up samples from Bollywood soundtracks.

For the Givafizz readers who have had their heads under a rock for the last couple of years, tell us a little bit about your productions and how you got into audio visual DJin? 

I jumped head first into DJing with videos in 2008 when the technology became available for me to basically use turntables to mix any content I wanted in sync with audio at the same time. The show has come a long way since then and developed theme-wise as well as technically in how I present it as well as make custom edits for the show.

When putting together a new production / show, where do you get your influences? Would you say you have a particular style? 

I love taking either a song or a visual and Juxtaposing it by what I combine it with, the end result basically messes with peoples perception while they are watching. When I started getting into music originally what I fell in love with is the hip hop mentality of taking something existing & flipping it to create something completely new & futuristic, I love that shit.

You’ve recently collaborated with Brisbanite DJ Butcher and Jamaican artist Beenie Man. How did this come about? Tell us a little bit about what went into the making of this release?

Originally it was going to just be a free track Butcher & me were going to give away as we sampled a 1997 Beenie Man single but after we sent it to Beenie Man’s management we managed to get the sample cleared as they loved it so much. Shout out to Butcher!

YouTube Preview Image

You’re Australian “Stimulation” tour has just kicked off. What can we expect from this new show? Can we buy you a drink when you come to Melbourne – what’s your tipple?! 

It’s a pretty raunchy show, early in putting it together I decided if I was going to do a sexual show I had to go all out & not hold back. There are some pretty steamy parts, funny parts & emotional parts. There was a pretty funny quote from a review after the first show that read something like “it’s as if he’s trying to make everyone in the audience cum, and he certainly came close”. It’s a whole lot of fun, & yep you can buy me a drink! I drink anything but XXXX.

You seem to be one of a small few who are leading the way with audio visual DJin. We’re interested to know what you think the futures holds for this type of production? Have you seen a rise in interest / more talent coming into the scene over the last few years? 

Yep for sure, primarily in Naysayer & Gilsun & Ego who’s show’s are both unique & dope in the best possible way! What I’ve loved since the very start is it’s not defined like DJing has become, so everyone is way more bound to approach putting together a set in a completely unique way.

With the future in mind, what does it hold for you? More productions? Collaborations? 

I have lots of originals I’ve been working on for ages & am genuinely really excited for everyone to hear sometime soon.

We’re always on the look out for interesting new producers & tracks. Is there anyone or anything we should be checking out?

Mark Prichard is still on point, I’ve been bumping the Travi$ Scott ‘Owl Eyes’ mixtape a lot atm, Paces, SCNTST, Kirkis have new music coming that’s gonna be great, Hiatus Kayote,  Machinedrum, too much good new music at the moment.

What are your top 5 tracks right now? (you can’t say your own!!)

Collard Greens – Schoolboy Q ft Kendrick Lamar
The Trap – Fantastic Mr Fox
Ninja Mi Ninja – Ninja Man
If (Kaytranada Edition – Janet Jackson
Blocka La Flame – Travi$ Scott

Finally, you’ve got the chance to curate your dream line up in a club. You can book anyone to play alive or dead – who would you pick?

TOO HARD, but here’s a quick line up I think could definitely work from doors opening to closing

Barrington Levy with King Tubby on the desk
Larry Levan
The Avalanches
Hudson Mohawk

Big uppps to Sampology for this awesome interview. He is touring around Australia right now and we will be catching him when he lands in Melbourne next month. You can check out full details of the tour & dates in your area here.



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Here is a midweek groover from our Brisbane buddy, Flex Cop. Taking a wonderful soul & funk infused track from the 70′s (which will remain unnamed for now), he injects a modern and groovy spin. Turning up the tempo on the original, but keeping it cool enough so that we can drift away to it on these pre-summer evenings (or late summer for all you UK peeps). And this baby is going as a free download, so grab it while it’s hot!

Please note, Givafizz & all associates do not endorse meth. Hugs not drugs kids.


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Not only do the Wolf music boys belt out some top quality house tunes, they’re actually pretty generous as well! They support a charity called Party For The People which was forged from the vibrant underground UK music scene with sole aim of raising money for charity. This mix is to hype their PFTP X WOLF Showcase for Oxjam on October 19th at Dirty Little Secret in Sheffield.

This is an ace mix with a combination of new, old & unreleased gems to get your teeth into. Give it a spin, it will get your Saturday night off to a banging start. Vibes!


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listen_out_logoSo as most of you know by now, we’ve set ourselves up down under. Melbourne to be precise. And over the last couple of months we have been on the search for great music in the land of Oz.

There is a very different sound here than Europe. Whilst house music isn’t as prevalent, there is a level of interest bubbling under the surface. And if you scratch hard enough, there is some gems to be found – both artists & events.

The guys at Fuzzy events are bang on with their upcoming Listen Out parties. Opting for quality over quantity, Fuzzy have pulled together a line up of artists from both Australia and further afield – bringing forth that sound which is bubbling up at the moment. In a press release, they had this to say; “Listen Out is the antidote to many of the things you don’t like about big music festivals. It is a carefully handcrafted party, with a killer lineup of the dance music that matters and a philosophy of best, not biggest,”

So as you can imagine, we were pretty damn excited when we saw this type of festival/party created in Australia. Then the line up was announced and we couldn’t control our excitement! Disclosure, TNGHT, Duke Dumont, Classixx, Miguel Campbell, John Talabot, Rüfüs, Touch Sensitive & more. Oh hell yeah!

We’ll be dancing our flip flops off at the Melbourne party, come boogie with us. Grab your tickets here.

To get you in the mood, we’ve picked out the top 3 tracks we’re most looking forward to hearing.

See you there.

Whilst we will be at the Melbourne party on Sat 5th Oct, parties are also held:

Saturday 28 September – Centennial Park, Sydney
Sunday 29 September – Ozone Reserve, Perth
Sunday 6 October – Cultural Forecourt, South Bank, Brisbane


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Tensnake’s long awaited album is still on its way but singles off it are dropping left, right and center. 58 BPM is a super sexy slow mo groover that we have been listening to for a while now. Next up we are hit with another smooth number entitled See Right Through featuring Fiora on vocals.

On remix duty, we have Medlar of the Wolf Music pack, stepping in to pack some dance-floor punch, adding a mega piano giving some added energy! Can’t wait for the full album, it’s going to be epic!

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Pole Jam Vinyl is a brand new vinyl record label brought to us by two well established labels in the digital domain: Pole Position Recordings and Glam Jam Artists.

Glam Jam Artists is the imprint of German producer Satin Jackets and along with Welsh based label Pole Position Recordings their aim is to their bring their trademark glossy, deep and blissful nu disco and deep house sounds to vinyl with a real emphasis on quality original new music.

Their debut lap around the track is an all Russian affair, with both contributing artists having already established themselves in the digital music world. With their debut, fuel injected joint venture, each team provides two slick-tyred, finely tuned masterpieces eagerly awaiting the green light to demonstrate what life is like at 33 revs per minute.

Since we’re in love with this beautiful release, we thought we’d catch up with Tim (aka Satin Jackets) and Gareth (Head honcho of Pole Position) to chat all about their new label and this mighty fine first output.

Tell us a bit about how the new venture between Pole Position Recordings and Glam Jam Artists came about? What made you guys want to collaborate?

Tim: I wanted to sign those Deep Sound Express tracks for Glam Jam Artists but Gareth was quicker. He’s wanted to do a vinyl release for quite a while and I loved the idea of doing a 2+2 venture.

Gareth: I have been a vinyl junkie for over 20 years now and since starting my digital label I had always wanted to one day move into vinyl. It was not something I was going to rush into so the timing, the music and my gut feeling all had to be right. I approached Tim with an idea to bring our digital labels together to form a new vinyl label and here we are a few months later with our first Pole Jam Vinyl release under our belts.

The first EP, Endless Sundays oozes laidback, sunshine vibes – transporting us to another place & time. Is this the tone you are setting for future outputs? Or will you be opting for a more varied approach?

Tim: I plan to keep a clear focus on this kind of sound. Lush, groovy, classy and melodic.

Gareth: Tim sums it up perfectly, the glossy, warming melodic vibe is what we are going for. Music that puts a smile on your face and a spring in your step – feel good music!

Give us some insight into the two artists – Deep Sound Express and KLar&PF – that you have brought together for this release?

Tim: KLar&PF are a live project from St. Petersburg. Kirill (KLar) plays keys and does the mixing while Bulat (PF) is a guitarist. To put it short, they are fantastic.

Gareth: Deep Sound Express is another young Russian producer this time hailing from Moscow, his name is Alexander. He is a really nice guy and very humble although I don’t think he realises just how good his productions are. For his two tracks on this release he collaborated with his good friends Too Techs and Raha who provided the wonderful vocals on “After Rain”.

With such a fine release to kick the label, how to plan to follow that?! What does the future hold for Pole Jam?

Tim: I’ve already found two candidates for the 002 release but I’m very much looking forward to have some creative arguments with Gareth about what makes it onto the vinyl. That’s the fun part: Only the very best will make it and we both have to agree.

Gareth: I am looking forward to deciding with Tim which tracks will makes it onto the second release, I have a few tracks in mind already. After a first release we are very proud of, it’s important we nail the second one.

Endless Summer EP is out now, all you vinyl heads get involved here.

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