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Back on the free track buzz today. And just when we thought Motez couldn’t impress us anymore in 2013, he only goes and gives away a sexy little edit of Melbourne songstress, Meg Mac. Great to see some local talent really nailing it – long may it continue. More like this in 2014 please Mr Motez. Give this a spin & grab your free download.


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Kruse & Nuernberg have blown up over the past year, releasing on labels such as OFF Recordings, Noir Music and remixing for the likes of John Digweed and Groove Armada. With a steady stream of EP’s under their belt, we find ourselves captivated by their take on house music. ‘We Find Deep’ is a punchy production with seemingly effortless vocals from Isis Salam.


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Bristol duo Real Nice have teamed up with Gottwood Festival owner eLDOKO to produce ‘Knockin’ Shop’ as part of their 7 days of free music giveaway through their Real Nice Recordings label. Ben and Sam from Real Nice have been throwing some great parties across the UK this year and with their label delivering the freshest sounds in house music, I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more from the boys in 2014.


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We’re glad to see that some producers are getting into the spirit of Christmas and giving away some cracking little tracks to thank the fans for their support. British producer Funk Butcher has decided to give away this upbeat house track to ensure you’re dancing around the Christmas table. Enjoy!


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HOTFIZZ_Copy Paste Soul-01

Welcome to the final instalment of HOT FIZZ for 2013. It’s a feature we started this year to showcase some of the hottest emerging talent in house & disco. For the final interview, we’ve caught up with UK producer Copy Paste Soul, who has had a pretty damn impressive year.

We’ve been loving his soul-quenching, sub-heavy rave inspired sound. He has been incorporating his love of Detroit Techno, Drum & Bass and UK and US garage to craft the Copy Paste Soul style – every release sounding new & different. These productions have garner the support of the electronic music elite, including Annie Mac, Justin Martin, Skream, Modeselektor, Disclosure, and Tensnake (to name just a few!).

So check out what he had to say when we caught up with him last week. And make sure you keep your eyes & ears open for this boy in 2014!

So let’s put all the hype to one side for a second and find out about your musical influences growing up. What music did you listen to back then? Anyone or anything that has influenced you along the way?

As a kid it was stuff my old man listened too which was a right old mixed bag! Elton John, Genisis, Paul Simon, Joan Armatrading, 10CC, The Carpenters. So I had a mixture of stuff that I always liked. As I started to make my own choices musically it was albums like Homework and early Underworld and Moby that got me hooked on electronic stuff. Then I was sucked in by the late 90′s trance boom. Got bored of the sickly melodies and started buying all the West Coast stuff like Halo and Hippe and was hooked on the Circulation coulours vinyl. At this time I was also really into drum and bass – Full Cycle, Good Looking, Moving Shadow, Metalheadz etc. That’s where a lot of the fusion stuff comes from. When I started making records Detroit Techno was massive for me and you can hear that in some of my pre Copy Paste Soul work. These days its anything thats good – the latest pop to weird electronica like Submerse, Lapalux, Xploding Plastics, Imogen Heap – the list is endless really!!!

Love the name, standard question, but how did you come up with it?

Well the music came first and it needed an identity. I’d recently finished an album under my old name and the music that is now CPS was just a fresh expression of where I was moving creatively.  I wanted people to hear the music without any pre conceptions which there would have been if I had put it out as before.  I was just sitting in the studio and knew that the soul thing was part of it – wether in a baseline, a vocal sample or a noise – it was key to the sound. So I just played around with some ideas and Copy Paste Soul came up. It kind of says what I do. I take stuff and make it fit my thing with hopefully a nice dollop of soul added!

“I make deep things growl and whomphy things warm…” Is this in reference to your music productions, or the way you treat the ladies?! Explain please?

Ha! I do not kiss and tell! You would have to ask my better half! It’s of course in reference to the music.  There is tonnes of deep house, there is tonnes of noisy growly stuff. I’m kind of in there somewhere with elements of each, wether its bassy and chordy or drummy and choppy.

On your music productions, they feel different & varied – it seems like you’ve taken numerous genres and thrown them all into the melting pot. Do you think this has helped your music stand out from the crowd? Or what else do you think has made your productions stand out?

Well I never know if my music stands out tbh. There is a lot of good music out there now. I try not to think too much about it. But its definitely a process of drawing from different music genres that inspire me and gives me ideas in the writing process.

We first discovered your music through Exploited. Your first outing with them at the start of this year was damn fine! How did this relationship come about? And tell us a little bit about what went into the making of the Look At Me EP?

To be honest, I had now idea where to place this new project and it was new territory in comparison to what I had done before.  Jan at Exploited heard some bits and was so excited. We both knew that it was going to take some time to get people onboard but he was key in pushing the sound this year for me.  Some stuff people have got, some stuff not so much. Thats how it should be really, I don’t want to just churn out the same stuff, but I also don’t want to alienate people too – its a tricky line to walk!!! “Look At Me” was just a groove that I had and I wanted a more drum and bassy bass feel so i had that and then added the warm chords. The vocal thing came later on, but when i added it I had a proper moment in the studio and thought it was something that could be really good!

Since then you’ve gone onto release more on Exploited as well as Gruuv and a host of remixes. Do you have any stand out tracks from your productions this year? Which of these always goes down well in your sets?

There are a couple I personally really love. Let It Go on Exploited was one I laboured with but I really love everything about that record.  Also, more recently Only One on Gruuv. I think this just sounds different and it works so well in a dark sweaty room. I’m also really happy with remix i did for Deadmau5 too. Probably the biggest reaction is when the main bass drops in ‘Blink’, also on Exploited, it’s a bad boy, even if I do say so myself! ;-)

Going back to the hype, you’ve been getting lots of support from the likes of Disclosure, Skream, Modeselektor, Annie Mac & many more. How does it feel to get getting so much support from the likes of these guys?

It is always encouraging. I’ve been surprised at the range of people that have played the stuff – thats when I realised maybe I had something.  Different people have liked different records and I love that.  Laurent Garnier has sent me some amazing personal messages about it and that has meant a lot. But I love that a lot of the nu skool cats are digging it too. Long may it continue!

So after an amazing 12 months, how are you going to top that?! What does the future hold for Copy Paste Soul – more music & more gigs we hope?

Ha, I’m glad you think its been amazing! For me it’s the start, the building blocks. I feel like there is so much more I can do with  this and that it can go anywhere. So thats the aim. Not too many rules and take opportunities that come my way.  Im always writing so finding homes for my music or getting it out there myself will be the plan in 2014. Im hoping to get out there a lot more next year and show people I’m not just a studio geek!

What 5 tracks are doing it for you right now (you can’t say your own!!)?

Tessela – Horizon
Special Request – Lockjaw
Second City  – I Wanna Feel
Submerse – Dim Lights & Meteorites
Herve – Gorilla

Finally, you’ve got the chance to curate your dream line up in a club. You can book anyone to play alive or dead – who would you pick?

That’s a stupidly hard Q!!!!!! But if I had to choose I’d go for something like Daft Punk (but strictly in the Homework days), LTJ Bukem, Paul Woolford (playing whatever he wants!!!) Laurent Garnier (of course), a fellow frenchman who literally stopped me in my tracks at ADE – Mekanism, probably some of my mates, Coxy playing his funk and soul stuff and Xploding Plastics playing their first album live! Hows that??? I’d pay a few quid to see that lot ;)


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SCR06_NickMonaco_TheStalkerEP 2

Have you heard of this release yet?! I’m guessing you might have, since it’s been getting a good bit of hype around the blogsphere recently. The latest output from Soul Clap RecordsNick Monaco combines his vision for dance music futurism with his roots in 90′s pop and psychedelic rock.

The result is three original songs: “The Stalker”, a psychedelic dance number which leads the release, “Boy Meets World”, a throwback 90′s party jam and “Night Shift” a smooth bass driven deep house groove.

This week, the Soul Clap crew have put out this video to support the release. Give it a spin below. Out now, grab your copy here.

YouTube Preview Image


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When it comes to disco & funk – Dave Allison never fails to impress. His latest effort, entitled “Funkosphere” is another groover that delivers up just the right amount of vocal goodness, guitar licks and funk laden percussion to make this a jam you will have on repeat. Great stuff Mr Allison, great stuff. Release details to follow.


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Here is a super fun little bootleg that the New York boys, Holy Ghost! have put together. The pop group Blood Orange dropped their album, “Cupid Deluxe” earlier this year and the boys have worked their magic on the track “You’re not good enough”. Keeping the pop centric vocals and adding in some disco style – this is sure to brighten up any gloomy day. Groovy!

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