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Selecting a track for this Disco Discovery feature can sometimes be a difficult task, particularly when you stumble upon a single artist who’s back catalogue could keep you going for a year on its own.

Luckily this time the decision was largely made for me as a response to the outrageous bass on display in this choice that my headphones struggled to deliver. Fingerman & JM Jackmaster’s Classic edit is tops, not to mention the excellent history to the original track by Gwen Guthrie back in 86; the title would go on to be ‘a semi popular catchphrase amongst many women during the late 1980s and early 1990s’. You go girls. Who said Wikipedia is full of rubbish?! Turn it up!


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Southern-England born Jonny Cade has been steadily blooming as an artist over the past few years, the budding young Brit was raised on the sounds of the UK underground, finding his initial style in London and later affirming his love for house while living in Leeds. Since his initial split EP on Leftroom, Cade has gone on to release with some top notch imprints such as Kolour and Moodmusic and most notably 2020Vision. Jonny adds another leading label to the list as he  joins the ALiVE roster, positioning him alongside Shadowchild, Leftwing & Kody and Copy Paste Soul on the label. With such a stellar set of releases & labels behind him – we had to catch up with Mr Cade to find out more.

So let’s put all the hype to one side for a second and find out about your musical influences growing up. What music did you listen to back then? Anyone or anything that has influenced you along the way?

I grew up listening to quite a variety of music but mostly listened to rock bands like Muse, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers etc. I started playing the drums when I was 6 which had quite an large influence on my musical taste as I frequently played in rock and jazz bands. It wasn’t until I was 14-15 I found dance music… I think instead of specific artists influencing me it was more a case of situations and events that changed my perception and interests in music. I used to go to free parties before I looked old enough to get into clubs and began mixing drum and bass and hard house. As soon as i started getting into clubs all I cared about was funky house. This has progressed to what I’m playing today.

Tell us about your first ventures into producing house music. We heard you started out making some music with Huxley back in 2010? 

I only started producing 4 years ago. Huxley (Michael Dodman) is one of my best mates and I grew up in the same town as him so I was able to sit in on his sessions and I learnt a lot about his production techniques etc. we then made an ep together in 2010 which got released on Kolour and it got a great response. Since then I have released a few solo EP’s but looking back I am a little embarrassed at some of them. Only now am I starting to feel happy with the quality of my music.

Like us, you seem to have always had a love for the garage & house sounds. What’s your opinion on it’s resurgence over the last couple of years? 

I think it’s been a great come back to what is an amazing genre in dance music. Being a drummer I love garage beats because they’re so good to get people dancing. I also love the swing and soul. Although I think garage is amazing I do feel there is only so much that can be done with it. I think it’s one of those genres that will come in and out of fashion every few years.

Tell us a little bit about the 20:20 hook up and your ‘Find my way’ EP that dropped earlier this year? How did that come about? Any influences / approach that went into the making of such a sweet release?! 

I got approached by Ralph Lawson who asked me to send him some music. I obviously jumped at the opportunity seeing as 2020:vision has always been one of my favourite labels. I signed the a side ‘Find My Way’ and then it took me quite a while to sign the rest of the EP as I was juggling uni with producing. my main aim was to make a diverse 4 track EP which would represent my mixed musical interests.

And to your upcoming release on Alive. Another 3 bangers ready for the dance-floor. Can you give us an insight into the making of this one? You got a favourite?!

I actually made this ep almost a year ago but for various reasons it’s taken a long time to be released. I think my favourite track is ‘Lonely’ because it’s the most musical one in the package. This EP is also quite a varied selection of tracks but once again I think that’s important if there isn’t going to be a remix on the release.

Tell us what the future holds for Jonny Cade? New music & gigs we hope? 

I’ve got plenty more music coming out over the next few months so lots to look forward to. I’ve got another EP out in December on Lost My Dog (below), then in Feb 2014 I’ve got a collab with my good friend Jonjo Williams out on Huxleys Saints and Sonnets, then in March I’ve got an ep on Morris audio. I’m playing a lot over new year and then seem to be busy in 2014 so fingers crossed it should be a good year all round.

What 5 tracks are doing it for you right now (you can’t say your own!!)?

1. Hollow Grove (feat. Nubiya Brandon) – Maribou State
2. Fred Pea (You Gotta) – Harry Wolfman – unreleased but amazing record!!
3. Porchlight And Rocking Chairs (KiNK Remix) – Jimpster
4. 1998 (Deetron Remix) – Taras Van De Voorde
5. Ill Blu – Omar (Thefft Remix)

Finally, you’ve got the chance to curate your dream line up in a club. You can book anyone to play alive or dead – who would you pick?

Well that’s a bloody hard question, but I would like to see these guys together:
Fast Eddie, Frankie knuckles, Theo Parrish, Traxx, Dixon, Moodyman and Floating Points.

Big upppss to Jonny for doing this interview with us. Seems like he has an action packed 2014 already lined up, so make sure you keep your eyes & ears open for all things Jonny Cade.


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Time for some local love. Coming from Australian boy, Mic Newman aka Fantastic Man. The boy has been constantly killing it with a string of big tracks on the likes of Melbourne Deepcast and Wolf Music, producing quality, stripped back house music. Unfortunately for us, he moved from Melbourne to London as we moved from London to Melbourne!

He is back on Brooklyn label Let’s Play House for it’s 22nd release. The lead track, Heartbreaker is a funk-laden dancefloor weapon which I just can’t stop repeating this Friday afternoon. Keep Up has a tougher groove for those late nights and Zero just floats effortlessly along.

Well done sir, well done.


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New York boy Chris Malinchak is truly a rising star. His big track of the last year, So Good to Me, created a whirl-wind of attention and since then he has gone on to garner fans across the global, including us here at Givafizz HQ!

His next track is another soothing original entitled Call My Name. A seriously seductive, vocal sample-laden slice of R&B-infused house. The best part is — he is offering it up as a free download. Get involved!


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The Norwegian legend drops two brand spanking new singles, ahead of his debut album in March. We’re used to Todd Terje commandeering our summers with his poolside-friendly tunes like Lanzarote and Strandbar and of course the massive Inspector Norse tune that exploded out beyond the disco circles and had everyone grooving last summer.

“Spiral” and “Q” are sprawling and dense pieces of music that both stretch past the 10-minute mark, though Terje makes it so easy to get lost in them that it always seems shorter. ”Spiral” is a beaming, Italo-inspired answer to Miami Vice, which will be a total eargasm for all your synth freaks! “Q” on the other hand is a happy-go-lucky piece of cosmic disco.

Another two masterpieces from Todd the God! Get your copy here.


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Cassian, the Sydney producer, is joining Club Sweat for his first release on the label. Entitled 8 Voices, it contains 2 tracks that are designed for the dance-floor. As you’d expect from a guy that’s been supported by house royalty such as MK, Damian Lazarus and Zombie Disco Squad, this is top notch production of emotional club cuts that we’re sure will be getting spun all over Australia & further afield.

Drops on 13th December via Club Sweat. Until then, here is a juicy teaser. Get involved!

YouTube Preview Image


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Touch Sensitive & Ego revealed their crowd-sourced audiovisual track at a warehouse gig in Melbourne last week. We were there – it was awesome! The project entitled #VJUKE asked fans to submit their Instagram videos to be used as samples within the track & music video.

Over the last month the pair have been cobbling together all these elements to make an audiovisual pleasure for our senses. We’ve been told that Future Classic will be releasing the track via iTunes by the end of the year – it’s going to be a great summer groover down under (or a winter warmer for our team in the UK?!).

Official release details to follow – in the meantime, enjoy this ear & eye feast. Yum!

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One of our favourite producers, HNNY strikes again with his second 12” on Local Talk this year.

With the lead track Tears, HNNY shows you do not need many ingredients to serve up classic house flavours, just the right amount of grit and an irresistible vocal. Flip over to the b-side and you have Gymnastics, a completely different direction – offering up a disco stomper which starts with a cheeky Winnie the Pooh sample.

Is there honey in that pot?! Oh yes, yes of course, help yourself…

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