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If you’re a Melbourne local, chances are you’ve seen this long locked DJ wizard in action. If not, pull your head out from under that rock and get involved!

Edd Fisher caught our attention very soon after we arrived in Melbourne last year – he shares our love for all things disco, funk and house. He has been crafting his style as a DJ since 2010, with a focus on vinyl and quality records – gaining the attention of many, not just in Melbourne but further afield during his travels around Europe. With lots of projects on the go, from his weekly show on PBS Radio, to the Roof to Reel sessions on Cookie Rooftop and Wax’o Paradiso – we managed to pull him away from it all for a few moments, to get some more detail into this local legend.

Hi Edd, thanks for taking the time to talk to us here at Givafizz. How are you doing today and where are you talking to us from?

I’m a little tired after the weekend but feeling great, it was a beautiful day today. I’m talking to you from my beachside shack in St Kilda.

Tell us a little bit about your musical background – when did you get into DJ’in and how did your love for disco & funk come about?

I used to be an instrumentalist and studied jazz composition.  I started djing about 4-5years ago, funk and disco got me started.

You’re involved in lots of interesting projects – Roof to Reel, Wax’o Paradiso and of course your weekly show on PBS. Can you tell our readers a little bit about each of these projects? 

Roof To Reel is a recoded live mix series at Rooftop bar,  its third summer finished at the end of February. It is a platform for local DJs/crews to be recorded and showcase their sound.

Wax’o Paradiso is a residents party which includes Andy Hart, Simon TK and myself. It’s an all vinyl outdoor disco.

Tomorrowland shows a more eclectic side of my musical taste, its a weekly radio show on Melbournes PBS106.7FM. Friday afternoons 1:00-3:00pm.

As the summer comes to a close here in Melbourne, what are your plans for the winter months? More events / sets we can look forward to? 

This winter I’m headed to Japan to buy records, Wax’o Paradiso’s next bash is at Section 8 on May 9 and you can also catch us playing at Dark Mofo festival in Tasmania.  I have some nice supports coming up but not sure I can talk about them yet!

I’ve been in Melbourne for 6 months now and I think I’ve finally got to grips with the scene! What’s your opinion of the scene here and how has it changed over the last few years? 

The scene seems to be rewarding knowledge again as opposed to flash in the pan musical movements, more people are rewarding DJs and venues that invest in their art. There will always be the other end of the spectrum but its nice to see the following of true and honest music grow.

You recently played at the Boiler Room in Melbourne. A very last minute thing I believe. How did this come about? 

One of the DJs booked to perform missed their flight from Sydney. I was having a late dinner in the City when I got the call. It gave me 1.5 hours to get home, pack records and get back to the city to play. It was stressful not having much notice but the camera / lack of preparation were quickly forgotten once I started playing!

Over your years of DJ’in, could you pick out some highlights? 

Playing at Rhythm Section in London, great crowd, great music and an intimate venue. Every Wax’o Paradiso, Let Them Eat Cake on NYD this year, warming up for Darkside at the Liberty Social and Teebs & Floating Points at Melbournes Where?house were also pretty special.

Can you tell us what 5 tracks are really doing it for you right now?

1. Jayme Marques Y Su Orquesta -Africa Brasil, Te Ama
2. Mission Control – Outta Limits
3. Demis Roussos - Midnight is the Time I Need You
4. DJ Fett Burger – Speckbass
5. Tambien – Indignados

You’ve got the chance to curate your dream line up in a club. You can book anyone to play alive or dead – who would you pick?

Theo Parrish, Larry Levan, David Mancuso, Floating Points,
James Holden, Larry Heard, Four Tet, DJ Harvey.

Big ups, thanks a lot for your time Edd. For all your Melbourne folk, make sure you catch one of his sets about the town. You are in for a treat! And for everyone back in Europe, I’ll leave you with this awesome mix he did for the Melbourne Deepcast guys. I’ve had it on repeat all week! 


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Felix Dickinson’s latest release on Futureboogie is one that stands out in style. It’s entitled “Burning Flame” which takes us on a deep and acid tinged journey. Hackman & Machete Savane are on remix duty – both keeping a similar vibe to the original, but adding their own slice of goodness to it.

On the flip is the second original from Dickinson, “Seven Measures ” is sex for the ears. I can’t put words to this one, other than it’s oh so smooth and I’ve had it on repeat all morning!

Vinyl with full artwork sleeve coming soon. I’ll be the first to order!


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Kolour LTD have been our go to label for unique, quality records for some time now. For the upcoming Record Store Day on April 19th, they are doing a special “RSD” release to commemorate the occasion. This time Kai Alice, Detroit underground house producer, serves up three soulful joints. It’s just beautiful music throughout, easy to float away an afternoon (on repeat of course!). Check them out below & see for yourself.

It will get it’s first release in physical shops that participate in RSD festivities (we’re guessing that’s just about everyone) and then on the online emporiums shortly there-after. I wonder will any of the Australian records stores have this little treat for us?!


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The dudes behind Ultra Knites label, Sem Marini and Mike Sharon have started a new series called “Knite Grooves” and here is the first in the series. Four original productions from the label head honchos themselves. Mike calls shotgun and leads out on the A side. Sem closes things off on the flip.

The first track “People”, I’ve been spinning a lot recently, loving the vocal loop and Jazz influence. Sem’s “Voltage” is proper peak time groover and the final track “Music Takes Me” is a deep floating number with a soulful female vocal.

Quality all the way through with this one, wrap your ears around some goodness! Out soon on Juno.


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artworks-000075551843-ken2da-t500x500Markus Greulich is a German producer who is known by the name Miami Ice. He has had previous releases on the likes of Lost My Dog and Beef Records and makes his debut now on Freche Fruchte Recordings. He serves up two original deep house tracks along with two really great remixes from Pete Dafeet and Leigh D Oliver.

The B side is the real stand out for us. Miami Ice brings us “Sometimes” – is a late night, relentless groover. On the remix of “Sometimes”, Leigh D Oliver brings a pure house vibe, and this can simply be described as a beautiful piece of house music. Love this one!

Out on Vinyl 26th May ’14 and digital June ’14.


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Brooklyn-based Love Revolution label focuses on the classic house sound from an international cast of producers. For their 5th release, Love Rev 005, they bring together Irish upstart Cromby and previous label contributor DJ Nav.

DJ Nav kicks things off with 2 tracks on the A side. He lays down two peak time house bangers. Then Cromby steps in and despite being only 21, his “Deep Inside Your Love” production delivers a delicious classic feel to it’s composition. It’s out now on vinyl here.


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We’ve covered a lot of stuff from Montel McWilliams recently. And with good reason, the Northern Irish gent is a true house head and has delivered some top releases on Let’s Play House, Seven Music and Wax Classic. His next release out on Foot & Mouth is a four tracker of infectious break-beat garage with a knowing nod to those days of glory! The EP is being championed by Huxley, Skream, Bicep & Matt Tolfrey. Quality! 

Vinyl heads, it’s out now. Get your copy here.


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The Sccucci Manucci label continues to develop with every release and following the success of the last double 12″ vinyl pack, the ‘Octofiga EP’, the imprint unleashes another 8 track beast.

From pure & raw house, to garage tinged goodness and sultry deep grooves, this release manages to traverse the house sound. If we had to pick, the second record would be the stand out for us. The four tracks on C & D go into a smoother, deeper house direction. Be sure to check out Montel’s “Lemme Hold U” track. In fact, give them all a listen. Pre-orders for both digital & vinyl available here.

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