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Northern Ireland’s Montel emerged in summer 2012 with his first demos and the impact of them was immediate, with the likes of Bicep, Jordan Peak and Waze & Odyssey quick to come out in vocal support and singles soon followed.

Since then he has had some awesome releases on the likes of Let’s Play House, Sccucci Manucci, Skylax and Seven Music. As well as recently launching his brand new label Bass Hit Dub.

We were delighted when Montel agreed to do an interview and guestmix for us. We’re always really happy to support Irish talent! So here is what he had to say when we caught up with him last week. And be sure to give the guestmix a listen, it’s a full phat house & garage workout!

Hi Montel, thanks for taking the time to talk to us here at Givafizz. How are you doing today and where are you talking to us from?

I’m doing great thanks man.. Just at home in Belfast. The sun is out, so everything feels alright! :)

Tell us a little bit about your musical background – when did you get into DJ’in and producing music?

I got into DJing when I was 16. I’d been collecting music since I was around 9, but when I turned 13 or 14 I started to listen to a lot more electronic music. I think as my collection of music grew and grew, I thought it probably made sense to buy proper turntables and have a go at DJn. Plus several of my friends then had decks, so it really felt like the right move. I didn’t play out anywhere at that point though and by the time I hit 18 or 19 I sold my decks and kinda give up on it. I was still buying a lot of music though and keeping myself involved in other ways. When I hit 21 I started a club night, and that sparked my interest in DJn again as I had a new platform to play from. From there things really started to kick off on the local scene and I was playing at the best clubs pretty much most weekends.

I probably started producing around 2004/2005. I got a hacked copy of Reason and started making some terrible sounding music. I wasn’t put off by this though and out of my frustration I went to a music academy and learnt how to use Cubase. From there I tried to work more with friends and pick up as many tips and tricks as I could, then around 2006/2007 I started to release music. Naturally out of production, international DJ gigs came about and it’s been great fun ever since then!

Hailing from Holywood in Northern Ireland, it is fair to say the house music scene is pretty small – so how did your love for all things house come about?

Well the scene in Belfast and Northern Ireland is pretty big. So from when I was about 16/17 I was hitting clubs week in, week out. Big name DJs have been playing Belfast / N.I on a weekly basis since the early 90′s. This is where I got all my inspiration to make & play music!

Once you got into producing, you received early support from the likes of Bicep, Jordan Peak and Waze & Odyssey. Was this key in growing your profile? Was there one particular release that helped launch everything for you?

It was great and very flattering having their support on my initial ‘montel’ material! I couldn’t pick a particular track or release of mine that set everything off for me to be honest. As my music is more DJ / club music, I tend not to concentrate on big hooks, I’m more into keeping things stripped back and groovy :)

You’ve had lots of recently releases and we’re particular fans of your “Lemme Hold U” track on Sccucci Manucci. Can you tell us a little bit about this one?

Like all of my tracks, I start with a little sample and just jam. Playing the hits through a sampler and seeing what grooves best. Then adding other elements around that, while being conscious of not over complicating things.

You started Seven Music with your buddy Sean Grieve back in 2011. How has this been going and what are the plans for the label in 2014?

It’s been going great.. Always building and bettering ourselves as a label. No master plan in place, just going with the flow and working on each release at a time. At the moment we’re revamping our website and adding an artist led podcast, so that should be cool. We’re also doing some adhoc club events and have hosted some cool names like Francis Inferno Orchestra, Jimpster, Funk D’Void and Lovebirds.

And you seem to have a new project, Bass Hit Dub? Tell us about this one?

This is very exciting for me. My new label, just me at the helm. First release by me with dope remixes by Oli Furness and Illyus & Barrientos. The first release is due out on the first week of June. Check out the previews and preorder here.

What does the future hold for Montel? More originals, remixes & sets?

Definitely more originals, some remixes (I prefer to concentrate on my own stuff, but am always open minded to mixing tracks I dig). Some cool podcasts – like this one ;) – focusing on my label Bass Hit Dub and of course plenty of DJing!! Follow me on Soundcloud, as I always up demos and samples of new things I’m working on.

Can you tell us what 5 tracks are really doing it for you right now?

Coeo – The Look – Seven Music
Outboxx – Planet Love – Local Talk
montel – For So Long (Oli Furness Remix) – Bass Hit Dub
Swords – Oiled – Swords & Sorcery
Ossie – Heart Beating – Wolf Music

You’ve got the chance to curate your dream line up in a club. You can book anyone to play alive or dead – who would you pick?

Thankfully no dead people playing at my club :)

I mean, I’m sure a lot of people would mention Larry Levan if asked this question. I never saw Larry play and my idea behind this was to only pick guys I’ve seen play many times and that ALWAYS deliver the goods!! I certainly wouldn’t just pick acts because they are new or trendy or simply because they’re a good producer. If I was forking out money to book acts, I’d wanna know that 100% they are gonna rip it up!!

So room 1 would be Deep House, House and possibly some Techno!

Paul Woolford
Funk D’Void
Kerri Chandler
Digs & Woosh

Room 2, pretty much anything goes! Disco, Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, Latin and maybe even some more House and Techno!! ;)

Gilles Peterson
DJ Harvey
Darshan Jesrani
Floating Points

Awesome selections man! So finally, you’ve put together a guestmix for us. Tell us about it?

I just did a vinyl only mix recently for another blog, so I thought I’d keep this one really fresh and upfront. Really cool new tracks that I will certainly be playing out all summer! I started of the mix pretty slammin’ and took things a little deeper as it progressed. Pretty much how I play when I’m out DJ’n.


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artworks-000073304671-v0q6a3-t500x500 2

VinylAddicted provides us with #4 in our guestmix series.

We’re big fans of Greece born, VinylAddicted, or Akis to his friends. He has been a lover of all things disco, funk, jazz and soul from a young age and has built up a massive collection of vinyl records over the years (hence the name!).

As well as collecting and playing out his massive collection, he has been producing edits, which have seen releases on the likes of Editorial, Disco Dat and Los Grandes.

He has also rumoured to be the man behind the mysterious Editors Kutz imprint, which boasts disco heavyweights, Late Night Tuff Guy, Get Down Edits, Disco Tech and Fingerman. Impressive!

So as you can see, Akis certainly knows a thing or two about great records; both new & old. This exclusive mix he has put together for us, showcases his talent. A perfect blend of disco, soul & house, with a few unreleased gems for good measure! If you haven’t had a chance to listen over on our soundcloud channel, then it’s time you got involved.

01. Sleazy McQueen – Teeny Lovin’ (Back To The Roots EP) (Whiskey Disco)
02. Cat Miller – I Want You (VinylAddicted Rework) (Love, Peace And Freedom EP) (Funky Town US)
03. VinylAddicted – Your Life (Graceful Edit) (Tales From The City Vol 4) (DiscoDat Records)
04. LTJ – Nass Funk (Disco Tech Edits Vol 2) (DiscoDat Records)
05. Disco Tech – Don’t Let Go (Disco Tech Edits Vol 2) (DiscoDat Records)
06. MAW – Everything She Wants (Leighton Mix) (Dobro Pobedit Bablo EP) (Funky Town US)
07. Jay West – Now That You Know (Editorial #7) (Editorial)
08. Four Walls & Funky Jaws – Love Train (One Night In Grodno EP) (Kolour LTD)
09. Luvless – Deluvation (Editorial #7) (Editorial)
10. Unknown – Untitled 1 (New York Edits Vol 4) (White Label)
11. Noema – The Shake (African Shakedown Vol 2) (African Shakedown)


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We are delighted to bring you our third guestmix, this time from the king of boogie edits, Mr Touchsoul. We’ve been a fan of Touchsoul for a long time now, enjoying his numerous 70′s/80′s discofunk, soul and boogie reworks / remixes.

This top notch mix we’ve had on repeat since he sent it to us last week, lots of great stuff in here from the likes of Joey Negro, Casino Times, Hot Toddy, Todd Terje & more. Check out the full tracklist below.

So wrap your ears around it and then head over to check out the rest of Touchsouls boogie magic on his soundcloud. Enjoy!


  1. Yambee – Blacker (Joey Negro Mix)
  2. Dude Skywalker – To The Floor
  3. Daniel Solar – Burning Up
  4. Edit Murphy – California Love (Original Mix)
  5. Duff Disco – Just In
  6. The Sunburst Band – Taste The Groove (Hot Toddy Mix)
  7. DRMC/Satin Jackets – I Can See The Light
  8. Casino Times – Trust (Original Mix)
  9. Shallow Taxi Club – Melody Of Creed (Monkey Boots Remix)
  10. Terrence Pearce – Up N’ Down
  11. Jaymo & Andy George – Remember
  12. Todd Terje – Strandbar


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We are delighted to bring you our second guestmix, this time from Italian duo, Rambla Boys.

Rambla Boys have been going from strength to strength, helped by great remixes for Round Table Knights, Groove Armada, Chromeo and Franz Ferdinand. And they have kicked 2013 off with a bang, dropping their first release on Smile Recordings this month, featuring the stunning vocals by Stee Downes and remixes by Mickey and Rick Shiver.

The mix they´ve put together for us is deep & forward thinking, capturing a lot of music that is doing it for us right now. Give it a spin, and full tracklist is available below.

1) The XX – Angels (Atapy & Search Dip Rework)
2) Hot Since 82 – Everyday
3) Alland Byallo – Thirsty Eyes (Adam Port Remix)
4) Danny Daze & Matches – If This
5) Paolo Rocco – Move Body Move Forward
6) Liquideep – Feel It (Stimming Vocal Mix)
7) Detroit Swindle – The Standards Of Dialogue
8) &Me – Youth
9) Trickski – Past Sense
10) SBTRKT Feat Sampha – Hold On (Burnski Desert Edit)
11) Aphex Twin – Windowlicker (Renaissance Man Bootcut)
12) Ry And Frank Wiedemann – Howling (Ame Remix)


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Ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls, here we have the very first Guestmix for GIVAFIZZ. Hell yes!

One of the reasons for starting the blog was to find new & upcoming talent, so it’s ideal to have Mr Woznikaitis as our first guest behind the decks. We first discovered Greg while listening to Slo-Mo Radio, a great Glasgow based radio show. With his super slow, super sexy track Can’t Stop – it turned us on straight away!

Although, other than this sexy track, we didn’t know much else – so we decided to catch up with him and find out a bit more.

Hi Greg, how are you doing today and where are you talking to us from?

Very Good. I’m currently in a hotel room in the Pocono Mountains of my home state Pennsylvania.

Tell us a bit about your journey into music – where did it start? What sort of stuff you like? What influences you?

I grew up listening to punk and hardcore music as a teenager but I was always opened minded to all kinds of music and still am. I usually love anything that Hot Creations or Permanent Vacation puts out, I recently had a chance to see one of my favorite new producers, MANIK, play an after hours party in Philly and he destroyed it. Luckily I live so close to Philly and there is such a great underground house and disco scene there and I’ve gotten to meet and become friends with a lot of great like minded DJs there. Love playing that city.

We first came across your music on Slo-Mo Radio and loved your track “Can’t Stop” – super slow & sexy! Tell us more about what went into the making of this track.

Thank you, glad you liked it. I love doing warm up sets and playing down-tempo and thats what it’s made for. I basically just really liked that vocal sample and wanted to build the track around that.

Tell us about your Tonight remix, another great slo-mo. How did that come about? Is it your first official release?

Yes it was my first official release. Ejay (Hotbox) was starting up his label (Hotbox Music) and really liked “Can’t Stop” and asked if I wanted to remix one of his tracks, which i was very stoked to do and it ended up getting great support from Beatport, charting it in the 10 Must Hear Nu-Disco tracks of the week.

Thanks for the super guestmix. Top notch. It seems you’ve strayed into more deep house vibes here. Is this the way your influences and productions are set to go? 

Thank you. Yeah, definitely on the deeper side. I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had much time to DJ so I wanted to record a set similar to what you would expect to hear if i were playing a club.

What does the future hold for Greg? Any new productions we can look forward to? 

I’m currently working on an E.P. for Hotbox Music and my buddy Matt (Softmore) and I had thrown the idea around of collaborating on some new stuff. He’s coming up from NYC for a visit next weekend so we’ll see what we can come up with, but we’ll probably just end up drinking too much and bullshitting and never get any actual work done. That’s usually what we do.

Now to the main event. GIVAFIZZ GUESTMIX 001, with thanks for Greg Woznikaitis. Let’s go…

Compuphonic – Sunset feat. Marques Toliver
HNQO – Point of View
David Keno – Heroes
Claptone – Good To You
Patrick Bodhi & Frankie J Dickens – Same Old Story
Sir Jesse Lee Davis – Let Your Soul Be Free (11 inch Mix)
James Pople – Who’s That Girl (Miguel Puente Remix)
Zimmer – Slave To Your Heart feat. Jeremy Glenn (Mercury Remix)
Markus Eden – With Me
Tigerskin – In Public
Homework – I’m Into This (Andre Crom, Martin Dawson remix)