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We are approaching nearly a year here in Melbourne town and as most of the regular readers of Givafizz will gather, we have been covering a lot of the local talent. This is with very good reason, with lots of producers gaining attention not just here, but on a global scale – Francis Inferno Orchestra, Fantastic Man, Tornado Wallace, Harvey Sutherland, Sleep D, the Melbourne Deepcast crew – to name just a few!

Andy Hart, who has been running the Melbourne Deepcast’s label, podcast and events with Myles Mac for the past five years has branched out and started his very own label called Voyage Recordings. As the name suggests, it will explore his fascination with space and the galaxy, with this first four-track EP living up to that vibe.

The EP contains tracks from Any Hart himself, along with Harvey Sutherland, Saine and CTEPEO ’57. It’s hard to pick a favourite as they all stand out in their own right, but I’ve been rinsin’ Harvey Sutherland ‘s “Rosebud” track. Sublime!

Anyway, ramble over. Have a listen for yourself. Released late June.


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Greeen Linez is a collaboration between Chris Greenberg (from British electronic pop band Hong Kong In The 60s) and UK-born/Tokyo-based DJ/producer A Taut Line. The result is yacht funk meets Balearic that draws equally from boogie, jazz-funk & house. As a result, Hibiscus Pacific EP takes us on a musical journey and oozes tropical vibes throughout.

Remix-wise Sorcerer adds a slightly heavier beat and would be our favourite out of the lot. Jaques Renault and Moon B take the reins on the B side and take things in a completely different direction. It’s out now via Alliance Upholstery. Grab your copy here.


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artworks-000074650305-8or0mq-crop 2

Fourth 12″ from Berlin/Stockholm-based record label The Free Spirit Society. The EP comes from label owner, Sankt Göran. Just like the label, this release goes in many directions.

A-sides’ Zurückbleiben is an electro influenced, up-tempo techno track. But the track that really grabbed our attention was on the B-side – “Late Nite Interlude” – is a held back, groovy number with a bouncing bassline and looped female vocal. I’ve had it one repeat since I came across this release last week. Due out soon.


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Fast rising stars Mia Dora are next to ply their trade on Glasgow Underground with the ‘Jezebel’ EP, featuring impressive and diverse remixes from ThermalBear and Walker & Royce.

After dropping the massive ‘You In The Future’ EP on Kerri Chandlers MadTech imprint (a label we simply love) and the ‘Clear’ EP on Moda Black (another), it’s fair to say that these guys have really hit the ground running.

Title track ‘Jezebel’ opens with raw chugging beats and a funky tom workout, evolving and developing into a groovy bumping behemoth. The pulsating bassline is sure to send shockwaves through any dancefloor and we reckon this will sound huge on the festival sound systems.

ThermalBears take goes all New-Jersey tinged, hitting you with stabby chords and synths and swinging drums. It’s a stunning interpretation, pushing the original for track of the EP. NYC-based Walker & Royce serve up a gritty, analogue cut, stripping the track back and relying on a brooding bassline and bubbling syncopated rhythms. It’s a raw and melodic but no less powerful affair.

With EP closer ‘Sex Lines’ the duo offer something different, fusing ‘hiphouse’ vocal lines and bold Chicago drums. The sub takes hold while the hook penetrates deep in to your subconscious. “I am delirious” indeed!

Building on the strength of previous releases, Mia Dora’s ‘Jezebel’ EP is out now on Glasgow Underground.


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artworks-000074445580-fqr07n-t500x500Something a little different here… With releases already from the likes of Squarehead, Urulu and Jack Fell Down, Manucci’s Mistress pride themselves on “bringing you the deeper, sleazier side of underground electronic music…”. Well they certainly don’t fail to deliver here on ‘Feel It Out’, their 8th label release from London-based Mella Dee aka Ryan Aitchison. Forming one half of Mista Men, but recently receiving attention for his solo outings, his sound is inspired by, but not limited to, UK Garage and Bassline. Dark and gritty but oh-so-danceable, ‘Feel It Out’ is no different. Devastating in its simplicity, the title track is a real head nodder built around a growling reese bass, shuffling percussion and catchy vocal samples. This one hits your feet hard. On the flip ‘Raptor’ packs it’s own punch, bringing an eerie reverb drenched vibe, allowing space for spooky atmospherics. Raving in a haunted house has never been so much fun! Last but by no means least we have Leeds-based Will Berridges take on ‘Raptor’. Turning in a deep, pulsating re-rub, he moves the original in to warmer territories with the old-school breakdown around the 4:38 mark being worth the entrance fee alone. Perfectly straddling the House/Techno divide, this one is simply massive. ‘Feel It Out’ is available for pre-order on Manucci’s Mistress.


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We are big fans of James Welsh after some beautifully crafted house music on the likes of Hypercolour, Wolf Music, Losing Suki and Futureboogie. He now joins Shabby Doll Records to deliver a four-track release entitled ’Wanderlust EP’. The release brings together three sparkling James Welsh productions, along with a powerful remix of the title track by Hypercolour’s Ste Roberts.

The tracks on the B side really stand out for us, as James gets super smooth with the Larry Heard-esque groover “C64″. Heartfelt vocals declare love for music and yearning for more and the early doors or late night crowd will surely follow suit. The EP closer “Moving Out”, James shows another facet of his production, distilling a soulful beatdown sound. Out now.


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Northern Ireland’s Montel emerged in summer 2012 with his first demos and the impact of them was immediate, with the likes of Bicep, Jordan Peak and Waze & Odyssey quick to come out in vocal support and singles soon followed.

Since then he has had some awesome releases on the likes of Let’s Play House, Sccucci Manucci, Skylax and Seven Music. As well as recently launching his brand new label Bass Hit Dub.

We were delighted when Montel agreed to do an interview and guestmix for us. We’re always really happy to support Irish talent! So here is what he had to say when we caught up with him last week. And be sure to give the guestmix a listen, it’s a full phat house & garage workout!

Hi Montel, thanks for taking the time to talk to us here at Givafizz. How are you doing today and where are you talking to us from?

I’m doing great thanks man.. Just at home in Belfast. The sun is out, so everything feels alright! :)

Tell us a little bit about your musical background – when did you get into DJ’in and producing music?

I got into DJing when I was 16. I’d been collecting music since I was around 9, but when I turned 13 or 14 I started to listen to a lot more electronic music. I think as my collection of music grew and grew, I thought it probably made sense to buy proper turntables and have a go at DJn. Plus several of my friends then had decks, so it really felt like the right move. I didn’t play out anywhere at that point though and by the time I hit 18 or 19 I sold my decks and kinda give up on it. I was still buying a lot of music though and keeping myself involved in other ways. When I hit 21 I started a club night, and that sparked my interest in DJn again as I had a new platform to play from. From there things really started to kick off on the local scene and I was playing at the best clubs pretty much most weekends.

I probably started producing around 2004/2005. I got a hacked copy of Reason and started making some terrible sounding music. I wasn’t put off by this though and out of my frustration I went to a music academy and learnt how to use Cubase. From there I tried to work more with friends and pick up as many tips and tricks as I could, then around 2006/2007 I started to release music. Naturally out of production, international DJ gigs came about and it’s been great fun ever since then!

Hailing from Holywood in Northern Ireland, it is fair to say the house music scene is pretty small – so how did your love for all things house come about?

Well the scene in Belfast and Northern Ireland is pretty big. So from when I was about 16/17 I was hitting clubs week in, week out. Big name DJs have been playing Belfast / N.I on a weekly basis since the early 90′s. This is where I got all my inspiration to make & play music!

Once you got into producing, you received early support from the likes of Bicep, Jordan Peak and Waze & Odyssey. Was this key in growing your profile? Was there one particular release that helped launch everything for you?

It was great and very flattering having their support on my initial ‘montel’ material! I couldn’t pick a particular track or release of mine that set everything off for me to be honest. As my music is more DJ / club music, I tend not to concentrate on big hooks, I’m more into keeping things stripped back and groovy :)

You’ve had lots of recently releases and we’re particular fans of your “Lemme Hold U” track on Sccucci Manucci. Can you tell us a little bit about this one?

Like all of my tracks, I start with a little sample and just jam. Playing the hits through a sampler and seeing what grooves best. Then adding other elements around that, while being conscious of not over complicating things.

You started Seven Music with your buddy Sean Grieve back in 2011. How has this been going and what are the plans for the label in 2014?

It’s been going great.. Always building and bettering ourselves as a label. No master plan in place, just going with the flow and working on each release at a time. At the moment we’re revamping our website and adding an artist led podcast, so that should be cool. We’re also doing some adhoc club events and have hosted some cool names like Francis Inferno Orchestra, Jimpster, Funk D’Void and Lovebirds.

And you seem to have a new project, Bass Hit Dub? Tell us about this one?

This is very exciting for me. My new label, just me at the helm. First release by me with dope remixes by Oli Furness and Illyus & Barrientos. The first release is due out on the first week of June. Check out the previews and preorder here.

What does the future hold for Montel? More originals, remixes & sets?

Definitely more originals, some remixes (I prefer to concentrate on my own stuff, but am always open minded to mixing tracks I dig). Some cool podcasts – like this one ;) – focusing on my label Bass Hit Dub and of course plenty of DJing!! Follow me on Soundcloud, as I always up demos and samples of new things I’m working on.

Can you tell us what 5 tracks are really doing it for you right now?

Coeo – The Look – Seven Music
Outboxx – Planet Love – Local Talk
montel – For So Long (Oli Furness Remix) – Bass Hit Dub
Swords – Oiled – Swords & Sorcery
Ossie – Heart Beating – Wolf Music

You’ve got the chance to curate your dream line up in a club. You can book anyone to play alive or dead – who would you pick?

Thankfully no dead people playing at my club :)

I mean, I’m sure a lot of people would mention Larry Levan if asked this question. I never saw Larry play and my idea behind this was to only pick guys I’ve seen play many times and that ALWAYS deliver the goods!! I certainly wouldn’t just pick acts because they are new or trendy or simply because they’re a good producer. If I was forking out money to book acts, I’d wanna know that 100% they are gonna rip it up!!

So room 1 would be Deep House, House and possibly some Techno!

Paul Woolford
Funk D’Void
Kerri Chandler
Digs & Woosh

Room 2, pretty much anything goes! Disco, Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, Latin and maybe even some more House and Techno!! ;)

Gilles Peterson
DJ Harvey
Darshan Jesrani
Floating Points

Awesome selections man! So finally, you’ve put together a guestmix for us. Tell us about it?

I just did a vinyl only mix recently for another blog, so I thought I’d keep this one really fresh and upfront. Really cool new tracks that I will certainly be playing out all summer! I started of the mix pretty slammin’ and took things a little deeper as it progressed. Pretty much how I play when I’m out DJ’n.


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Bicep, the Northern Irish fellas, clearly developed a solid relationship with Will Saul’s during the DJ Kicks compilation, as they are now putting out a new release on his AUS music label. It’s a pure analogue jam from the pair, as always, nice and deep! Due out later this month. Pre-orders here.

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