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Welcome to the fifth & final instalment of Fizz Island for 2012. Fizz Island is a series in which have been inviting our favourite artists & labels to tell us about FIVE tunes they’d choose should they be stranded, alone, on an island.

Fizz Island is a beautiful place, full of luscious vegetation, white sandy beaches, pure blue sea – but you would be ALONE and these tracks would be your only companions. As a bonus – we’ll be allowing one (non-electronic) luxury item.

Through this feature we’ll hopefully be discovering and sharing some classics, hidden gems and just some great music that people feel they could listen to for years.

For our final selection of the year, we’ve invited the Italian duo Rambla Boys to give us their desert Island tracks. I’m sure all our blog followers know this pair, but if you’ve had your head under a rock for the last couple of years – these boys have produced some top remixes for the likes of Round Table Knights, Groove Armada, Chromeo and Franz Ferdinand. As well as a number of their own top productions. Big fan of these boys, they share our love for all things deep & disco grooves.

First of all, they would like to cheat a little and pick three tunes each, because they tell us they wouldn’t stay on the same side of the island: one the north, the other on the south. If not, they would kill each other way before hunger does it!

They feel they would be able to survive for quite long, eating fruits, drinking rainwater and creating imaginary friends as any good survivor would do. And for their luxury item, they’d like a surfboard each to keep them fit & entertained. These boys are in it for the long-haul!


Tortoise – Djed

My first track would be Djed from the Tortoise. I bought the cd during the first high school trip, and I listened to it in a surreal situation, in the backseats of a minischool bus, bit drunk after a margarita offered by the art teacher who brought us there, while the bus was going 10 km/h fast cuz of the heavy snow which was falling. I think its almost 20 minutes length would help me waking up in the mornings as well as falling asleep at night.

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DJ Shadow - Building Steam with a Grain of Salt 

Then it comes Building Steam With a Grain Of Salt by Dj Shadow. I felt in love with him thanks to The Private Press, but when this tracks starts, it’s always thrilling and gives me chicken skin. Can’t remember the first time I’ve listened to it, but I know I’ve been tripping a lot thanks to it.

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Pinback – Prog

Third track would be Prog by Pinback. It was featured on the first surf movie I’ve ever seen during my first surfcamp, in Lanzarote in the Canary Island. Probably the time I felt closest to what being lost on an island means. I still wonder if I’m still surfing cuz I liked it or because of that movie and its amazing soundtrack (Momentum, Under the Influence). Surf movies are a good way to discover new music.

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Booka Shade – Night Falls

My first choice goes to Night Falls by Booka Shade. It’s the first track I actually tried to copy on reason, so I suppose we wouldn’t be lost on this island if it wasn’t for it. What is more, I’m definitely sure I will call my son Darko. Or maybe the first of my imaginary friends on the island.

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Death from Above – You’re a Woman I’m a Machine

Second one is You’re A Woman I’m A Machine by Death From Above 1979. One of the first albums to put into my ipod, and still of my favourites. What is good about this track, is that it’s a wonderful joke to tell your gf when she says: “you can’t understand me, I’ve got different needs, I’m a woman…”, and you answer “You’re a woman, I’m a machine”. Just be aware you’d probably be the only one to laugh.

YouTube Preview Image – Afterhours 

At last I would pick up from Italian band Afterhours. Thanks to this song I finally played my guitar outside of my room, even thanks to my friends Paolo e Matteo. Would be good to bring a slice of home to a lonely island.

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The Northern Irish lads Bicep are doing some takeovers on Rinse.FM, and for the first one they wanted to go back to the Hot Tub Jamz with some fun (and pretty damn camp!) funk and disco selections. In the new year they will be doing monthly mixes for Rinse.FM – sure to be a deeper selection of House and Techno that we’ve come to expect from the gents. Nice! In the meantime, getting moving to this bad boy.


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Another top freebie from another top producer. The Mekanism produces a fun little mix. Opens with a solid bassline and then after a minute brings in some delicious warm sunshine feelings! You’ll recognise it for sure ;-)

Free download here.

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It’s magic time again, as The Magician delivers his last mix of 2012. There’s no tracklist as usual – but it’s a mixed bag this time, from pretty fruity disco through to deeper vibes and some straight up house. Give it a spin, it’s tasty!


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74,800 plays in 1 day. Holly molly – that pretty much sums up the waves these Disclosure boys have been creating this year.

And now they have an Christmas present for us! They’re giving away their remix of Artful Dodger’s Please Don’t Turn Me On for free download. The Artful Dodger’s R&B classic is a perfect choice and the boys have brought their recognizable sound to the remix, but keeping it pretty cheesy. Gotta love a bit of cheese!


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Taking a break from Hotflush Recordings & next to be snapped up by Hypercolour Records, George Fitzgerald has produced yet another amazing EP. After a whirlwind of a summer & showcasing some of the best tracks in the genre, Fitzgerald indulges deeper into the house/garage spectrum to infuse even better tracks than before, not to mention a tasty remix from Deetron in there as well.

‘Needs You”  is stripped back from the start as Fitzgerald carefully adds the vocals, the melodies and then drops a massive bouncy bassline that thumps hard for those that love to jump. ‘Every Inch’ has a huge male voice present in the track, and the fast tempo is everything house fanatics will love.

Finally, Deetron gets in on the action for a remix of ‘Every Inch’ & adds a more electronic beat to the original. Clean and crisp, its definitely a potentially big club track.


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Copyright are representing Defected Records once again,since 2008, this London based pair have been teaming up with the label & producing their signature warm & feel good style. We’ve seen these guys be the face of the label so many times – in particular when they headlined Defected Records ‘In the House’ – a curated night at the Itunes Festival.

Lifted is no exception to rule  - funky soulful vocals from Andre Espeut definitely add to the positivity & warmness of the tracks – only something Copyright can produce. Definitely a feel good track & it has such a powerful bassline!

‘Sometimes’ then mixes it up with its jazziness and almost reggae feel.  A surprising  sax is also featured and is definitely the highlight of the track. Have a listen & tell us what you think.


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As the temperatures in London plummet today, I thought it would be the perfect time to post the Winter Warmers mix. It’s a little mix I’ve put together to warm you up on the cold winter nights! I’ve kept it fairly slow, deep & sexy. An assortment of old, new & forthcoming tracks to wrap your ears around.

This mix was made for the wonderful people at Aquarium Radio and ND,YD. It first aired on Aquarium Radio on Friday 30th November. Full tracklist below. Keep warm!


  1. Deadly Sins – The Way (ft Yam Who?)
  2. Daniel Solar – Stringray
  3. Luvless – Motion Clapture
  4. Fritz Zander – Lose Yourself
  5. Aki Bergen – Gold Digger (Vocal Version)
  6. Sixth Avenue Express – Goodbye
  7. Behling & Simpson – Fuse Strategy ft James Fox
  8. Frej Le Vin ft Torben Westergaard – Torben Jazzin (EJECA Remix)
  9. Casino Times – Trust
  10. Chordashian – Black Eye (LeSale Remix)
  11. Maxxi Soundsystem – Regrets We Have No Use For ft Name One (Matthew Herbert remix)

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