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It’s been a while since I posted any tropical disco, but as the winter sets in, I really need something to warm me up and this new track from Goldroom does exactly that! The Los Angeles-based producer hasn’t put out any new material in a while, but he is back with this feel-good remix of indie rock band Atlas Genius recent single Back Seat. Grab it for free below. Enjoy!


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Their follow up release from the huge hit that was ‘Need in me’, Italian duo Flashmob don’t disappoint with this lovely track; entitled ‘Hot’. A simple swing beat compliments the catchy vocals, making it easy listening and even more easy to have a dance to. Another potentially huge production on the Defected label from the Milanese pair, this will definitely keep you ‘Hot’ during these Winter months.


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Welcome to Fizz Island – a new series in which we will be inviting our favourite artists & labels to tell us all about FIVE tunes they’d choose should they be stranded, alone, on an island.

Fizz Island is a beautiful place, full of luscious vegetation, white sandy beaches, pure blue sea – but you would be ALONE and these tracks would be your only companions. As a bonus – we’ll be allowing one (non-electronic) luxury item.

Through this feature we’ll hopefully be discovering and sharing some classics, hidden gems and just some great music that people feel they could listen to for years.

So to kick it all off, we are delighted to welcome Debonair as the first traveller to be washed up on the shores of Fizz Island. Debonair needs no introduction to regular readers of the blog, he has an esquite taste in all things disco and house. And has dropped numerous tasty releases through the likes of House of Disco & Kolour Recordings. As well as his super Voyager mixtape series.

Debonair chose PG Tips as his luxury item – like ourselves, he can’t live without a good brew! And his predicted lifespan in the wilderness: Limited! In the meantime, he’ll have these 5 top tracks…

The Rolling Stones – Miss You (Dance Version) [1978]

It’s no secret that I’m the biggest Stones fan. My dad used to play them to me before I could speak and it kind of stuck ever since. Having seen them live 5 times I would always wait for that magic moment when Miss You came on. 8 minutes of pure ecstasy and a bass line so infectious that it gives me goosebumps. You can tell the Stones were heavily influenced by the disco movement in the mid 70s, which has meant that Miss You has real cross-genre appeal. This is my ultimate desert island jam.

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World Premiere – Share The Night (Breakdown Mix) [1983]

This is the hard-to-find dub version of World Premieres disco funk classic from ’83. It kicks off with this slightly ominous drum beat punctuated with flicky snare claps and crisp tumbling toms. This sets the scene nicely for that killer baseline and those gorgeous keys that just melt into place. It’s no surprise that this is one of Morgan Geists favorite and most played tracks. What a recipe!

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Metro Area – Muira [2001]

This is without doubt my favourite club track of all time. Created in 2001 and released on Environ, Muira is a timeless classic. The bassline sounds painfully simplistic, but it has been engineered to perfection and resonates nicely almost any club environment. Those haunting vocals get me every time. I first heard this in a BMW Z3 in a small village in East Sussex.

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Siriusmo – Last Dear [2008]

I originally discovered this little gem tucked away on the B side of Siriusmos’ iconic ‘Diskoding’ EP. It really is something special. Those infectious stabs are some of the sweetest I’ve ever heard and whenever I hear it I can’t help but play air-keyboard. It’s got this gorgeous warm organic glitchy feel to it that never gets old.

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Space Dimension Controller – The Love Quadrant [2009]

The Love Quadrant captures mood, atmosphere and lush textures like little other tracks that I’ve heard. It’s fair to say SDC killed it on this one. Every time I hear this jam I’m taken back to Sonar 2010 when the then unknown SDC graced the crowd with an unforgettable live performance in the midday sun.

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Aleksander Pletnev, or otherwise known as Ponty Mython, is a producer & DJ of all things deep house & disco. He has previously had releases on Nurvous, Skycreaker and on his own label Beats Delivery. He now steps in to deliver No More Hits Vol. 20 with three killer groovin Deep House tracks with Disco vibes throughout. Nice!


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It’s likely you’ve already heard this little beauty – as it’s hit 40k + plays in just 5 days! It’s the new track from Chris Malinchak released on French Express as a free download! This track is the perfect way to ease yourself into the week – with it’s warm,  downtempo laid-back vibes, it’s sure to warm you up on the cold winter days! Enjoy!


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So you probably wouldn’t expect to hear a Finnebassen track on the Sunday Chill – it’s more likely you’ll have heard one of his tracks rock the club the night before! But not today, as the boy has only gone and done a fantastic little edit! He’s taken Sade’s 1985 classic, Jezebel, keeping her beautiful vocals and adding a smooth, deep bassline – bringing this bang up to date. Lovely stuff.


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You’re about to witness some Swiss domination, as one our favourite production duo, Round Table Knights team up with another pair from Switzerland, Animal Trainer. The four have come together to produce appropriately named EP, Animal Knights! The first track, Pique is a massive dance-floor rave monster! The second track Kalmuck takes a slightly gentler approach in comparison! Looking forward to this one dropping next month.


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Hell yes. Tensnake has just released the video for his retro house anthem Mainline, featuring the vocals from Syron. The new single drops on November 5 via Defected. No more words – just watch, listen, enjoy!

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